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  1. Do you come to us?

    Yes! That is our edge! We are convenient and make learning an instrument fit in your schedule!

  2. Do I have to buy books through the website?

    No you don't. We have local music stores that will have all your needs. They will have extras we won't. We ask that you get the books before the first lesson.

  3. How often should I have lessons?

    For most students, a 30 minute lessons once a week is sufficient. It is preffered once a week. For more advanced students an hour once a week is suggested.

  4. How often should the student practice?

    We recommend for ages 5-8 practice once a day for at least 10 minutes, ages 9-15 once a day for at least 15 minutes, and ages 16 and up at least 20 minutes per day.

  5. Is PayPal the only way to pay?

    Yes, PayPal is very safe and secure. We email a bill, we never take money out of your account, nor do we have access to your personal information. PayPal is free. You can either sign up and put a card or use your bank account to pay, or you can, in most cases, pay without creating an account. Treat it as an online purchase. 

  6. Why don't you have an office or a studio?

    We don't have an office because it saves us a lot of money. Since we come to you, we really don't need an office. It is a huge reason on why our prices are low. 

  7. Do I need my own instrument?

    Yes!  You need to have your own instrument BEFORE you can start lessons so that you can practice!  Your teacher is NOT responsible to bring you instruments.

    Your local music store, craigslist, Target, Costco, etc have great options to rent/purchase musical instruments.

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