Accent Music Lessons

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We focus on the Bastien Series which is a great 4 part level book. It starts with Piano, which goes over the main lesson for each weeks. The Theory book really helps understand and practice what they learn in the lesson and gives them a chance to visually put it together. It is a workbook, so mostly written work. The Technique book helps them put it to the test, applies theory and the new material to further understand how it applies to piano. And last, the Performance book is a great way for your student to really shine. It has longer pieces that are more challenging to really show you what they learned!



We like the Hal Leonard Series. Not only do they have great learning materials, but they also have tons of supplement books, so if you have a favorite artist, Hal Leonard probably has a book by them! Hal Leonard teaching book focuses string by string, also throwing in some chord technique as well. There are theory books that help with understanding the guitar as well.

We do recommend a chord book and a favorite artist book for those who are learning guitar.


If you are interested in writing your own songs, we do that too! We can help you with the basic theory to put together what sounds good and help you with vocal techniques too. Lyrics, melodies and harmonies!



Love to sing, but are having trouble with pitch? We can help you there. We can help you with anything you want to know about singing. We have great vocal teachers who can help you warm up and expand your range. We highly recommend you getting a book of an artist, band, or broadway play that you really like to make it more personal towards what you want to learn!


Traditional Instruments:

Do you play in band, such as trumpet, clarinet, flute or many more? We can help you get that first chair spot, or help you with scales, theory, etc! We can help you break down your band music measure by measure and give you the one on one attention you can't get in a band class. We can help you with rhythms and theory to stay ahead of the game. If you are looking to make an All-State band or try out for the Philharmonic, we can help you.