Accent Music Lessons

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Recitals are a fun way to have your student show off what they have been learning and to meet other students.

We try to have 2 recitals a year. A Spring Recital and a Christmas Recital!

We do charge for each student to perform. It covers multiple costs-such as food, rental space, equipment and much more. There is no admission for family and friends on the day of the recital.  

Everyone is invited to play! We encourage it. 

Please note if your student isn't in the recital, we invite you to come anyways and check out the show!

 The recitals in Colorado Springs will be held at Graner Music.  

We have groups of 15-20 perform throughout the day. We are going to have many students perform, so we break it up throughout the day to make it more manageable.

There will be intermissions between all the showings.  So you can mingle with other students and meet the staff of Accent Music while eating some yummy food! 

 The recitals that cover students in the Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins area will be held at Schmitt Music. 

Recital Fees are nonrefundable.