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Lessons Tailor Made for Your Needs    

Payment Policies

Accent Music offers two payment methods: PayPal or Credit Card.  Payment Options:

We charge $27/30 minutes, $41/45 minutes, $55/60 minute lessons.

Rescheduling Policy

If you need to reschedule a lesson, we will do our best to accommodate your needs and find another suitable time that will work for both you and your teacher.  If an alternate lesson time cannot be worked out between both schedules, you can choose to have a substitute for that week.  If this is something that does not interest you, we will have to cancel the lesson for that week. 

Cancellation Policy

If you ever need to cancel a lesson, we completely understand!  However, our teachers clear their schedule to accommodate your lesson so they can travel to your house and provide your lesson.  Due to this, 24 hours notice needs to be provided or you will be obligated to pay for that lesson. 

Furthermore, if no one is home at the time of your scheduled lesson, our teachers have been instructed to wait for five minutes (just like Uber).  If no one has arrived by that point, our teachers will assume the lesson is cancelled, they will leave, and you will be charged the full amount for the lesson.  Missed lessons such as these are considered to be paid in full and if you wish to reschedule this missed lesson, you will required to pay for another lesson.   If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours of a cancelled lesson, we will assume you no longer wish to continue lessons with Accent Music and the partnership will be cancelled. 

Terms and Conditions

I agree to the payment policy, that payment is due monthly, or twice a month. (See Payment Policy)  I understand if I am late I will be subjected to a $5 late charge, and failure to miss ANY payments will cancel my in-home music lessons. I also understand I can always contact Accent Music Lessons for payment options if problems arise.  If I see a problem with my PayPal invoice, I will contact Accent Music Lessons right away to resolve the problem.

I agree that I will give 24 hours notice prior to my lesson date to cancel or reschedule. If I don't, I understand I will be subjected to still pay the entire lesson time. It is my responsibility to be home on time and prepared for the lesson. I also understand that if I am not home that I will still pay the lesson fee. If I do not pay, the lessons will be discontinued.

 I understand I am responsible for getting all materials for my student, such as books, metronome, staff paper, etc.

I understand that my teacher's schedule is not always flexible, and by choosing the lesson time that was discussed with Accent Music Lessons, I am committing to that time period. If there is ever a conflict with this lesson time, I may contact Accent Music Lessons to try and find a time that works for all parties. I also understand that I can change my lesson time if needed, but will give two weeks notice if this situation should arise

 I understand that the teachers come to my house, and are deemed as responsible individuals.

I understand that the teacher is not a babysitter and will only be at the students’ house for the allotted lesson time.  

I understand that pets will be removed from the lesson area if they will become aggressive or distracting. I understand that the teacher is fine with having pets around as long as they are always under control.

 I understand that my student may have a hard time focusing and paying attention, and that he or she may not always practice. Although I will try and push my student to take time out of every day to practice what they have learned in their lessons, the teacher is not responsible for making them practice. Furthermore, the teacher will not force the student to do anything. If my student does not want to participate and is not being cooperative, then I need to reconsider if these music lessons are are the right choice for my child to pursue. I understand that teachers will do their best to help a student reach their full potential and it is in no shape or form the teacher's fault if my student will not work hard on making these lessons a priority.

I understand if I am having any problems with my teacher, I can request to get a new one. By doing so, I understand I may not get the same time slot I currently have and it may not be available right away.

I understand that I am able to change the length of my lessons at any time.  If I start with 30 minutes, but want to go up to 45 minutes, I will let Accent Music know.  If I start with an hour, and want to go down to 45 minutes, I will let Accent Music know.

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